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SecurityScorecard Launches MAX™, Revolutionizing Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

SecurityScorecard, a leader in the field of Ecosystem Integration software, has announced the introduction of SecurityScorecard MAX™, a new managed service designed to redefine how organizations manage cyber risk within their supply chain. This service, building on a decade of experience in supply chain cyber risk management, is rapidly becoming the fastest-growing offering in SecurityScorecard’s portfolio.

Transforming Industry Standards with MAX™

SecurityScorecard MAX™ is uniquely poised to transform the industry, providing organizations with the tools to identify, prioritize, and resolve critical vulnerabilities and issues across their third-party and extended Nth party supply chain ecosystems.

Matthew McKenna, Chief Sales Officer at SecurityScorecard, commented on the impact of MAX™: “We have already seen amazing results from MAX. Existing accounts are growing by 10x or more, and we are seeing huge demand spikes for MAX from new prospects. MAX takes the industry from risk identification to risk resolution in an all-in-one package. This is critically important when zero-day and emerging threats, like SolarWinds or MoveIT, are discovered. It's a race against time versus hackers, and MAX gives our customers a critical advantage.”

A Partner-Focused Franchise Model

MAX™ is delivered through a partner-focused franchise model, allowing SecurityScorecard partners to expand their business by leveraging the MAX engine. These partners provide frontline services, with SecurityScorecard offering tier II support, training, and franchise certification. The expertise to build and operationalize MAX™ was gained through SecurityScorecard’s acquisition of LIFARS, a cybersecurity services firm, in 2022.

Improving Cybersecurity Posture for Global Vendors

Kevin Scribner, Director of Technology Risk Management at McDonald’s, shared his experience with MAX™: "SecurityScorecard MAX provides us the opportunity to bolster our third-party cybersecurity posture quickly and efficiently through proactive, real-time risk monitoring and remediation."

Jeff Laskowski, Senior Vice President of Professional Services at SecurityScorecard, further elaborated on the service: “MAX brings together SecurityScorecard’s proven platform, threat telemetry and our own top-notch experts with partners who know how to deliver positive cybersecurity outcomes. It is a technology-enabled service, where we’re taking what used to be only compliance and moving to high-value cybersecurity improvement.”

The Power of Collective Defense in Cybersecurity

MAX™ is set to significantly reduce the overall cost of managing vendors and business partners, allowing customers to expand the number of vendors they monitor, thereby reducing risk while improving compliance. It turns the SecurityScorecard platform into a virtual risk operations center (vROC), streamlining the process of resolving cybersecurity issues between first parties and third parties.

Enhancing Supply Chain Cybersecurity Health

With MAX™, SecurityScorecard aims to improve the broader ecosystem's cybersecurity health. Experts from MAX™ validate findings and work with third-parties to resolve issues, offering support and resources, especially to those with limited cyber and technical capabilities.


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