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Sekuritance Launches Platform to Simplify Business Compliance Needs From Evolving Cyber Risks

Sekuritance (, the first multi-dimensional RegTech ecosystem delivering compliance-as-a-service, today announced its launch to Mainnet, opening up the platform’s ecosystem for all CeFi and DeFi users interested in the Sekuritance solution for identity management, regulatory compliance and transaction monitoring.

Users may now visit the Sekuritance User Interface portal to create profiles and accounts to easily access the full features of its services. Sign-up simply consists of setting up 2FA and verifying their identity under the “My Profile” section. Once the user is verified via the Sekuritance Onboarding Engine, users will be able to connect their MetaMask wallet to access the Sekuritance Dashboard. From there, users will be able to review, update and edit their personal information as well as complete KYC, KYB and KYT checks.

The Sekuritance Portal will be the first blockchain-based compliance platform for Individuals, SMEs and Businesses alike. Utilising the Sekuritance $SKRT token provides further benefits when using the platform.

The Sekuritance billing engine is built utilising USDT, on ETH, MATIC and BSC chains as currencies to purchase verification credits on the platform to perform compliance checks. Users who hold $SKRT within their wallet will receive significant discounts on these verification checks as seen here:

  • $SKRT Believer Status (Took part in IDO): 5% Discount (Accumulated)*

  • $SKRT Adopter Status (50,000 SKRT): 10%

  • $SKRT Insider Status (500,000 SKRT): 20%

  • $SKRT Evangelist Status (1,500,000 SKRT): 50%

  • $SKRT Partner Status (3,000,000 SKRT): 70%

*The Believer Discount also accumulates over other holding amounts, so for example: If you are a SKRT.Believer, and also hold 1.5M SKRT, you will receive a 55% discount on Sekuritance’s services within the portal.

“The team has been working non-stop since our official IDO six months ago to refine and perfect the Sekuritance platform and ecosystem to share with our clients and community members. We believe we have created the next stage of RegTech,” said Jonathan Camilleri Bowman, CEO of Sekuritance. “Now, we are ready to invite all users to experience our compliance and anti-fraud solutions all managed under one roof. We are constantly adding new functionality to the Sekuritance platform to help grow the blockchain ecosystem by making it safe for individuals, businesses and agencies.”

Additionally, the “Token Onboarding” section will feature the “Sekur.Launch” interface to allow users to take part in verified and carefully selected projects that will launch using our proprietary Sekuritance technology. The tested and verified technology has already allowed Sekuritance to launch 25+ public sales, 40+ private sales and has verified well over $80M USD using our KYC/AML Sekur.Transact engine, with third party launchpads.

In the near future, the $SKRT token will also be included as one of the underlying payment methods for the Sekuritance Product suite and available software applications (outside of other FIAT and Cryptocurrency alternatives). These applications include:

  • Sekur.Vault provides card data storage within a PCI DSS environment, card tokenization and/or the encryption of personalised data.

  • Sekur.Auth for agnostic payment gateways for card acquirers to validate 3DS checks before processing payments.

  • Sekur.Transact Enables KYC, KYB, KYT, AML, PEP’s and Sanction Screening via a single interface or integration

  • Sekur.Trace for government agencies, banks, financial businesses, cyber and financial crime authorities to receive insights on where bad actors spend their crypto holdings.

  • Sekur.Alert provides transaction monitoring,datasets and analytical results risk scoring.

  • Sekur.Certify provides proof of control and ownership of the user's wallet.

For more information regarding Sekuritance, please visit To access the Sekuritance portal, users may visit



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