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Specops Partners with Duo Security to Secure Password Resets

Specops Software announced that it is now a Duo Security Technology Partner. The technology partnership demonstrates a commitment to provide customers with solutions that can uplift security, remove end user adoption barriers, and extend the value of existing investments.

Duo Security, now part of Cisco, integrates with the Specops multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform to secure password resets, password changes, and account unlocks via self-service or at the IT service desk. Organizations using Duo two-factor authentication can leverage this existing investment to secure password resets.

“Our mutual customers have benefited from our technology integration for years by seamlessly extending Duo two-factor authentication to additional high-risk use cases,” said Lori Österholm, CTO at Specops Software. “Our partnership ensures that this integration will be one that they can extract value from for years to come.”

As a single MFA platform that supports multiple use cases, Specops Authentication reduces end-user adoption barriers that can be associated with MFA and self-service. Third-party MFA integrations help organizations increase return on investment while ensuring that users can complete a password reset securely, without the need to enroll.

“Password resets continue to be a security vulnerability for organizations, as attackers take advantage of leaked user data to launch social engineering attacks,” Österholm said. “Integration with Duo allows organizations to extend this existing investment to secure password resets no matter where they are completed – self-service or through the IT service desk.”

Traditional user verification methods for password resets remain insecure as organizations continue to rely on security questions. With billions of data records available online, including credentials and other personally identifiable information, the answers to security questions can be easily sourced by attackers. To learn more about how Specops

Authentication with Duo Security can remove this security gap click here.



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