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Splashtop Enhances Security Offerings with Foxpass Acquisition

This week, Splashtop announced its acquisition of Foxpass, a provider of cloud-based network and server access solutions. This acquisition emphasizes Splashtop's goal of democratizing security for businesses of all sizes, particularly SMBs and MSPs.

Splashtop CEO Mark Lee

We spoke with Splashtop CEO Mark Lee about the acquisition of Foxpass and how it benefits customers.

What led to Splashtop's decision to acquire Foxpass?

Splashtop’s customers appreciate the security built into our remote access solutions, and we believe security is a key pillar in our products going forward. The foundation for secure remote access security is identity management, and Foxpass brings a proven and trusted identity and access management platform to Splashtop customers. We also intend to offer Foxpass’s customers improved productivity through our line of remote access and support solutions.

How will the acquisition of Foxpass help Splashtop address the security challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses? The past few years have dramatically changed the ways that people and organizations work. As businesses continue to embrace the benefits of hybrid work, the risks to cybersecurity have only accelerated, and SMBs have become easy targets. The challenges that SMBs face are not much different than the challenges faced by large enterprises. There is one major difference, though: SMBs don’t have the budgets or resources to combat threats that their enterprise counterparts do. At Splashtop, our goal is to help democratize access to effective cybersecurity solutions in the hybrid work era. The acquisition of Foxpass is an important step that will allow SMBs to put identity at the heart of their security foundation.

How will Foxpass's cloud RADIUS Server platform complement Splashtop's existing remote access and support solutions? Today, many IT and MSP customers manage computers using Splashtop. Foxpass will expand IT and MSP’s ability to securely access cloud and on-premise network devices (VPN, firewall, switches, routers, etc.) and servers, as well as ensuring their employees are no longer sharing corporate WIFI passwords, improving compliance.

Beyond cloud RADIUS, Foxpass also comes with cloud LDAP Server platform. The acquisition of Foxpass will also help us expand Splashtop’s presence towards DevSecOps and privileged access management (PAM) markets. As an example, Foxpass empowers businesses with secure, efficient on-boarding and deprovisioning of developers with privileged access to cloud and on-premises servers. We see identity-centric, privileged access as a key foundation towards zero trust. Splashtop will be introducing additional products here to augment the needs of Foxpass customers.

What are Splashtop's plans for investing in the Foxpass product roadmap following the acquisition?

The Foxpass brand and product lines will remain intact and a part of Splashtop’s expanded suite of leading secure IT solutions, enabling customers to leverage the combination of Splashtop’s high performance remote access and support with Foxpass’s scalable identity-centric security platform. We are committed to continually enhancing Foxpass products for existing Foxpass customers. Like Foxpass, we believe in the voice of the customers to drive our successes. At the same time, we hope to introduce Foxpass customers to experience the best-in-class Splashtop remote work and support solution. We also plan to bring Foxpass to Splashtop existing customers and channel partners globally.

We aim to democratize security so people can work anywhere without worrying about hackers. The combination of our ongoing in-house research and development with Foxpass’s technology will allow us to serve our customers with secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective access solutions. Stay tuned for more product announcements in 2023 as we continue to expand our security offerings.



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