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Sumo Logic Unveils Revolutionary Flex Licensing for Unlimited Log Data Ingest

Sumo Logic, a SaaS Log Analytics Platform provider, has announced the launch of Sumo Logic Flex Licensing, a groundbreaking log analytics pricing plan that offers free, unlimited log data ingest. This innovative model is designed to empower developer, security, and operations teams to capture and analyze critical data across their enterprises without worrying about cost barriers.

In an era where data is growing at an exponential rate, organizations are grappling with the challenges of managing vast volumes of structured and unstructured data. These challenges include siloed information, security visibility gaps, and escalating data storage and governance costs. Sumo Logic's Flex Licensing aims to address these issues by enabling companies to harness the full power of enterprise-wide data for business insights, thereby accelerating innovation and ensuring seamless digital experiences.

Joe Kim, President and CEO of Sumo Logic, emphasized the significance of the new pricing model, stating, "As data continues to grow exponentially, many log management vendors are adjusting their pricing models to adapt to this growth. The problem is that these models are still based on the same limiting parameters of data ingest or compute restriction. Sumo Logic is the first to introduce a disruptive approach by associating cost with the actual value of the platform - the analytics."

Industry analysts have also weighed in on the importance of accessible log analytics. Nancy Gohring, IDC Research Director for Enterprise System Management, Observability, and AIOps, highlighted that "Logs are a critical source of telemetry data, increasingly so as applications grow in scale and complexity. But the cost to collect the growing volume of logs isn't sustainable for many organizations." She further added that vendors offering the right backend technology and pricing models will enable businesses to focus on deriving value from logs rather than managing volume.

Michelle Abraham, Research Director of Security and Trust for IDC, pointed out the role of log analytics in achieving a true DevSecOps model, stating, "Breaking down the barriers associated with the price of log analytics is crucial for widespread adoption, and vendors are looking at new financial models that empower organizations to access the benefits of comprehensive log analysis, promoting a more inclusive and effective DevSecOps culture."

Sumo Logic's Flex Licensing plan is a significant departure from traditional pricing models, aligning cost with business value by only charging customers for data storage and analytics executed. This approach provides customers with a scalable and efficient log analytics architecture that grows to manage enterprise-wide and cloud-scale log ingestion without the risk of runaway costs.

Key benefits of Flex Licensing and the Sumo Logic platform include:

  • No charge for log ingest: Removes cost limitations associated with pricing models that charge based on data ingest.

  • Straightforward pricing and platform: Transparent pricing model that only charges for data storage and analytics.

  • Deeper insights through ML/AI: Enables powerful ML/AI capabilities out-of-the-box to solve operational and security challenges.

  • Unified log analytics for DevSecOps: Allows Dev, Sec, and Ops teams to ingest all data and run analytics on a scalable and high-performance platform.

Flex Licensing is available immediately to new Sumo Logic customers and will be made available to existing customers later this year. This innovative pricing plan is poised to transform the log analytics landscape by enabling organizations to fully leverage their data without the constraints of traditional cost barriers.


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