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Tautuk Provides OT Visibility to Defend Easily Compromised Field Solutions

Tautuk is simplifying operational technology (OT) security with its device integrity and assurance solution, the company announced today.

Formerly known as vFortified, Tautuk provides a platform that uses intelligent external receptors to detect and alert organizations on reliability issues and cyber threats in near-real time, without agents or complicated hardware. There are currently no other vendors fulfilling the demand for device provenance.

Tautuk is designed for OT companies looking to address security requirements and regulations, organizations attempting to get reliability intelligence, or any organization that could benefit from an air-gapped, non-intrusive solution. Tautuk’s round-the-clock monitoring keeps watch when organizations can’t, giving them increased confidence in operational resilience.

Tautuk helps organizations see beyond the limits of traditional security tools, by providing monitoring without needing to install agents or constantly physically inspect devices. Tautuk allows organizations to finally gain visibility into complex operational and legacy technologies without the cost or stress associated with traditional, digital-only security solutions.

Tautuk’s technology provides customers with an OT security solution that offers:

  • Ease of deployment: Tautuk is a capital-independent solution, which does not require extensive implementation and expands with its customers. By focusing on non-invasive implementation, teams experience faster time to value, as well as greater staff satisfaction and focus.

  • Greater efficiency: Tautuk simplifies and improves existing management inefficiencies, redundancy of instrumentation, monitoring and maintenance.

  • Expanded awareness: Tautuk extends vFortified into a true security platform that enables traditional players to interact and integrate with the solution, allowing them to truly expand their digital and physical security awareness.

  • Multi-factor trust: Tautuk provides organizations with additional verification factors for decision relevant actions. In a world where adversaries infiltrate networks or spoof behaviors, multi-factor trust provides a second level of confidence and intelligence to enable better decision-making every time.

Harold Moss, CEO, Tautuk, said: “Our name, Tautuk, means a warrior who sees, or to ‘see with clarity’ – and that embodies what we do. We help organizations see beyond the limits of traditional security tools. Tautuk is changing how organizations secure and monitor physical and digital systems, without the high human costs. We believe monitoring physical and digital systems for security and reliability shouldn’t require superhuman efforts, so we created a solution that lets customers simply know when things aren’t working the way they should.”

Red Curry, chief marketing officer, Tautuk, said: “Tautuk helps solve the issue of OT and IT hacks and compromised security for utilities, transit systems and any OT organization in need of field solutions security. We provide additional factors of visibility and insight to areas that were previously difficult to address, and we do it without the need for more staff or added complexity. Our platform uses the collection of unique, real-time, ground truth data to help customers meet their business or mission objectives with confidence.”



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