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Telco Security Alliance Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Threat Sharing Initiative

Members of the Telco Security Alliance (TSA) -- AT&T, Singtel (Trustwave) and Telefónica -- are now working together to share the latest threat intelligence information. This is a first-of-its-kind collaboration among telecommunication providers’ security organizations.

Shared intelligence will be derived from anonymized data from the TSA's SOCs and security investigations. This intelligence will be leveraged to better detect and eliminate threats from customer environments.

Leveraging joint threat intelligence, TSA security will be able to take more proactive measures to combat malicious activities or new attack campaigns as they quickly spread across the globe.

By pooling information on new malware strains, ransomware payloads and indicators of compromise, customers of TSA members gain a more global and complete view of security developments that may impact operations.

The 2018 launch announcement from TSA was focused on the formation of TSA and intention to share threat intel between TSA partners in the future. The actual sharing started recently and following the addition of AT&T to the alliance, TSA switched to using their OTX platform to share threat intel.

Trustwave is Singtel's cybersecurity arm, and is a recognized leader in Threat Detection and Response, helping organizations address digital transformation and growing complexities in multi-cloud environments. Trustwave leverages its global network of 9 SOCs, Trustwave Fusion Center, product telemetry, investigation to deliver up to the second actionable threat intelligence.

For more information about the Telco Security Alliance and this new threat intelligence sharing initiative, visit:


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