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Theta Lake Deepens Technology and IP Portfolio with Latest Detection Patent for Video Communications

As a follow up to winning UC Today’s awards for both Best Compliance Product and Best Security Product, Theta Lake, the leader in modern collaboration security and compliance solutions, today announced another key patent allowed by the USPTO. This core patent covers Theta Lake’s industry-first and market leading approach to context-based policy detection of video communication content. That patent supports the Theta Lake ComplianceMD® technology, addressing the increasing challenge that companies face in detecting and handling security and compliance risks in what is shared, shown, spoken, or typed in modern communication tools.

Theta Lake has been publicly recognized for its technology capabilities and innovation by its industry leading integration partners including Cisco, Microsoft, RingCentral, Zoom, and more. With an ever increasing set of positive public customer reviews, customers are enthusiastic about the Theta Lake platform commenting that it is a “wonderful future ready product” and is an enabler for “innovation around compliance and security for the next generation collaboration toolsets.”

Across customer reviews and case studies all aspects of Theta Lake’s IP are experienced positively:

“Complying with regulations shouldn’t be about just checking a box. With Theta Lake, we’re able to seamlessly integrate the solution with our collaboration platforms, review recordings, and determine risk levels and remediation efforts automatically,” noted Attivo Group.

“When you’re reviewing endless hours of content a week, it can get tiring. Theta Lake detects those risks and pinpoints directly where they’re located, providing helpful guardrails to make sure we don’t miss anything,” said Advisor Group.

“It’s remarkably accurate in analyzing all those hours and hours of recordings and reliably identifying the things that we’re looking for. For the user experience, Theta Lake is really simple. It’s quite intuitive, and we literally needed five minutes of training and just a few hours to fully test and implement our integration, our target policies and our workflows,” stated Tupicoffs.

“Our IP and patents issued, allowed, and pending represent our commitment to building innovative, practical, and effective technology for every layer of our product,” said Devin Redmond, Theta Lake’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Our deep learning and foundational AI patent work powers the analytical capabilities of our product. Our utility patents, like this one for context-based detections in video communications, embodies our solution to the customer and market challenge of identifying risk across a diversity of communication platforms. Solving these types of problems with experience and innovative technology was the reason we founded Theta Lake.”

Theta Lake’s patent work is a holistic embodiment of Theta Lake’s mission to modernize communication security and compliance, falling into three categories:

  • Deep technology patents for detection processes, deep learning techniques, and unique tooling to improve the speed and efficacy of communication compliance and security tools

  • System and method patents aligned to addressing customer articulated problems using Theta Lake’s deep technology to capture, analyze, and detect risks across communication platform features including video, voice, chat, and document content from Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Slack, Zoom, and more.

  • User Experience and Design: Equally important are Theta Lake’s efforts and IP dedicated to improving the effectiveness of using and surfacing risk detections and making review and analysis processes efficient for compliance and security users of the platform.

"Theta Lake’s design patents reflect a commitment to rethinking UX architecture to improve our customers’ experiences and evolve security and compliance technologies to meet the challenges of the new communication platforms that are the backbone of a work from anywhere in the world environment. We believe that our innovation across the AI, risk detection, and design domains are key to building disruptive technologies that solve real-world challenges in a way that attracts and delights customers,” continued Redmond.

Theta Lake’s wide-ranging patent portfolio includes pending, provisional, and allowed applications in areas such as:

  • context-based policies on video communication content

  • visual identification of participants in video communications

  • monitoring and enforcing settings and controls on collaboration tools

  • classification techniques for unstructured text using graph analysis

  • determining semantic relatedness for classification of communications

  • use of risk scoring, visual workflows, and a technology assisted review workspace

  • and several more.

Request a demo and Theta Lake will be happy to show you this groundbreaking technology in action.



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