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Vaultree Joins the Global Cyber Alliance as a Partner

Vaultree is now a member of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), a globally selected group of privacy and security advocates. Through this partnership, GCA will have access to Vaultree’s unique technology and insight into how they can help drive their mission to create a safer online community, adding value to their partners in the private and governmental sectors.

The GCA’s mission is to unite the global community to eradicate cyber risk. Its partnership program offers businesses, governments, law enforcement and academic organizations unique opportunities to contribute financially to advance GCA’s mission and to collaborate on the work that it does.

By working with GCA, Vaultree provides customers further validation that they are entrusting their data to a company that is a verified member of an esteemed community of cybersecurity advocates. Vaultree will additionally benefit from the partnership by leveraging GCA’s network of global members (private and public entities) to help socialize its product and network with other members of the cybersecurity community.

Maxim Dressler, co-founder, Vaultree, said: “For Vaultree, it’s a stamp of approval and trust to become a Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) partner and be recognized as part of their elite group of global members. It opens the door for valuable networking opportunities with potential customers, investors and employees. We look forward to contributing our unique value to the GCA community.”

Terry Wilson, global partnership director, Global Cyber Alliance, said: ““GCA's mission is to reduce cybersecurity risks, and one way we do that is by providing tools that help secure networks and data. Vaultree’s Encryption-as-a-Service offering is a unique resource in our toolkits and we welcome their contributions to our users, partners and the organization as a whole.”



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