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Vaultree's Data-In-Use Encryption Solution Awarded Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB Designation

Vaultree, the Data-In-Use Encryption leader, has announced that it has achieved Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB designation for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. This designation recognizes partners that integrate with Google Cloud's newest fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service for most demanding enterprise database workloads. Vaultree's success follows its recent $12.8 million Series A funding round, selection as the only Irish recipient of the European Innovation Council grant, and the appointment of Rinki Sethi, a renowned tech industry veteran, to its executive board of directors.

By earning this designation, Vaultree has proven that its product meets a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with AlloyDB and has refined documentation for ease of onboarding by the companies’ mutual customers. The designation enables customers to discover and have confidence that the Vaultree products they use today work well with AlloyDB, saving them time evaluating them. Vaultree will have more opportunities to collaborate closely with Google Cloud partner engineering and AlloyDB teams to develop joint roadmaps.

Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB is a new designation for Google Cloud's technology partners that integrate with AlloyDB. The partners have closely collaborated with Google Cloud to add support for AlloyDB into their solutions and tune their existing functionality for optimal outcomes. Ritika Suri, Director of Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud, stated that achieving the Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB designation demonstrates that Vaultree's data encryption in-use capabilities have been validated by Google Cloud to integrate with AlloyDB to provide an excellent experience for customers.

Vaultree's partnership with Google Cloud's AlloyDB for PostgreSQL enables customers to rely on end-to-end solutions through a reliable, fast, and seamless integration of the most advanced encryption product on the market to rid themselves of the danger of plaintext data exposure. Vaultree and Google Cloud's AlloyDB for PostgreSQL allow customers to choose what to encrypt and manage their own keys with zero learning and changes to the existing query languages, data structure, architecture, network topology, or policies/permissions, all with minimal performance loss in the cloud. ###


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