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WatchGuard Technologies Acquires CyGlass to Enhance Threat Detection and Response

In a significant move, WatchGuard® Technologies, a renowned player in unified cybersecurity solutions, has unveiled its acquisition of CyGlass Technology Services. CyGlass is a prominent provider of cloud and network-centric threat detection and response solutions, aimed at empowering organizations to identify risks, thwart threats, and demonstrate compliance effectively.

The core of CyGlass's offering lies in its 100% cloud-native platform, which leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. This innovative technology provides enterprise-grade cyber defense across hybrid networks, catering not only to large corporations but also to mid-sized and small organizations. The distinguishing factor is that CyGlass achieves all of this without relying on expensive hardware, making it a cost-effective solution.

The strategic integration of CyGlass technology into the WatchGuard Unified Security Platform® is set to revolutionize the landscape of network security. This amalgamation will usher in AI-based detection of network anomalies, paving the way for a future Network Detection and Response (NDR) service. Moreover, it will supercharge the Open eXtended detection and response (XDR) capabilities within WatchGuard ThreatSync, promising heightened security insights and actions.

Andrew Young, Chief Product Officer at WatchGuard, expressed optimism about the venture, stating, "The success of CyGlass in the last year demonstrates that mid-sized companies and MSPs are seeking innovative detection and response solutions that are not reliant on costly hardware. The WatchGuard solutions built on CyGlass technology will create a competitive advantage for our partners that will drive increased revenue and margin opportunities."

The alignment between CyGlass and WatchGuard aligns seamlessly with WatchGuard's mission to democratize enterprise-grade security. Traditional NDR products often necessitate expensive hardware and skilled security analysts, effectively limiting their adoption to large enterprises. CyGlass breaks this mold by offering a fully cloud-based solution, making NDR capabilities accessible and cost-effective for mid-sized enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs).

Ed Jackowiak, founder and CEO of CyGlass, reflected on their journey, stating, "We founded CyGlass with the goal of helping organizations better defend their hybrid networks with new levels of intelligence that protect against the most sophisticated attacks. Joining WatchGuard and integrating our capabilities into its impressive Unified Security Platform architecture takes our mission to the next level and makes it available to an established global network of partners and customers."

In the immediate term, the newly formed entity is dedicated to supporting existing CyGlass customers and partners while seamlessly integrating CyGlass technology into the WatchGuard platform. This strategic partnership promises to bolster cybersecurity defenses and drive innovation, ultimately benefiting a wider spectrum of organizations in safeguarding their digital assets. ###


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