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Wing Security Emerges from Stealth Mode with Comprehensive SaaS Application Platform

Wing Security (Wing), the only holistic SaaS Security platform delivering end-to-end security, recently emerged from stealth mode with a $26 million Seed + A funding round. The funding was led by GGV Capital, S-Capital, Harmony Partners, Silicon Valley CISO Investments Group, and prominent security leaders including: Fireblocks CEO and Co-Founder Michael Shaulov, Orca Security Co-Founders Avi Shua and Gil Geron, Kenna Security (acquired by Cisco) Former CEO Karim Toubba and Claroty Co-Founder Galina Antova.

We spoke with Co-Founder and CEO of Wing Security, Noam Shaar, to learn more about the company's mission and what the market can expect from Wing in the future.

What is the mission of the company?

Wing Security is on a mission to provide accessible and simple SaaS security for organizations anywhere. With Wing, security teams and SaaS users alike know they can truly benefit from SaaS applications because we make sure they are safe and secure. From the discovery stage, all the way to automated remediation, Wing provides the first complete SaaS protection platform. we got you.

What challenges are you solving?

We identified a number of major security concerns when it comes to SaaS security. No company had really taken a holistic look at SaaS applications to identify all of the security concerns – and many of the point solutions left their users with more issues than answers. Being a solution company, we don’t leave our customers with a long list of security issues. We go that extra mile to ensure they can easily remediate from within the system, using out of the box remediation playbooks. The challenges we solve:

  1. “Knowing the unknown” - Using our nonintrusive discovery methods, we map, categorize and analyze all of an organization’s SaaS applications. No proxy needed.

  2. Shutting down risky app2app connections. Today’s SaaS apps are interconnected, sharing valuable data. Wing detects and easily shuts down connections that are putting the organization at risk.

  3. External data collaboration. Think of all the files and repositories that are being shared outside of the organization, daily. Wing empowers users to revoke unnecessary and risky shared resources.

  4. User Inconsistencies. Wing continuously monitors and manages potential vulnerabilities that originate from inconsistent SaaS users’ behavior.

  5. New applications being on boarded, daily. Wing enables security leaders to know when new SaaS apps are being used and consequently make educated decisions regarding adding or removing these apps.

  6. Automation. This is rather the solution, not the challenge. Security teams are overworked and overloaded as it is. A true solution needs to take the load off of them, which is precisely what we do. With our advanced automation capabilities, Wing is always on and always remediating SaaS related vulnerabilities.

What are your goals after a successful launch?

We are growing exponentially and make sure to keep our eye on the ball. While we are offering a holistic SaaS security platform out of the gate, we are continuing to add and build on our foundation to provide customers with a solution that scales and grows with their needs. We plan to use the funding we recieved to further expand our product offering, to recruit top talent and to invest in sales and marketing.

Our primary goal is to ensure our existing and future customers are happy, using our solution and enjoying all the benefits of SaaS with peace of mind. This is an ongoing goal.

What can the market expect from Wing Security?

Wing Security is redefining the market by offering the only holistic SaaS security platform, offering automated remediation. Our personal experience as security leaders taught us that security practitioners need solutions, not a list of issues. That’s precisely what we’re about - taking care of their SaaS security end to end so that they know they can check that off their very long to-do list.



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