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18 Oil & Gas Companies Step Up Dedication to Cyber Resilience

At the World Economic Forum in Switzerland this week, 18 companies announced their commitment to promoting cyber resilience in the wake of rising threats by signing a Cyber Resilience Pledge.

This is a major step forward in promoting a cohesive strategy for fighting off threats, but work is still to be done to empower senior leadership to act, according to the Global Director of Cyber-Ecosystem at Hexagon PPM Edward Liebig.

"As the threats against Critical Infrastructure become more prevalent and brazen, there is a growing and deep concern for strengthening cyber resiliency across industry ecosystems. For the OT/ICS industry operators at large, this pledge makes a bold “first step” statement of solidarity to reinforce that “nobody is a competitor” when it comes to cybersecurity. “We are in this together.” There is much to do, however, in empowering senior leadership to act. Cyber resiliency needs to be deeply rooted in corporate culture and flow down from the top, through every aspect of an organization. This Cyber Resilience Pledge is certainly going to reinvigorate the cyber discussion in many more boardrooms than just those signatory companies."



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