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2022 Cyber Predictions: AI-Enabled Security Will be a "Must Have"

This post is part of our ongoing predictions series. We hear from security leaders from across the industry on how cyber will evolve in the new year.

Onkar Birk, CTO, Alert Logic shared his predictions on artificial intelligence's role in cybersecurity in the year ahead:

"Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled security will emerge as a 'must have,' as opposed to a 'nice to have'. CISOs and their teams know they can’t keep up with threats on their own. They’re getting blitzed every day with unknown attacks, with 1 billion malware samples out there and millions more on the way. They are also drowning in alerts, with 5,000 a day leading to a wealth of false positives. In 2022, they will come to the inevitable conclusion that they need to partner with AI machines to apply “super powers” to their monitoring, detection, prevention and mitigation capabilities.

Through sophisticated algorithms and predictive intelligence, AI systems instantly hunt down malware, run pattern recognition, and find and thwart even the slightest traces of attacks before they have a chance of doing any damage. In addition, they inform teams of new anomalies, threats and prevention strategies. Given the benefits, it’s no surprise that seven of ten senior executives believe AI will play a necessary role in responding to attacks, with the vast majority indicating that AI will allow their organization to more accurately detect threats and more swiftly respond to them, at a lower cost."



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