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2022 Cyber Predictions: Kubernetes and Virtual Machines Will Heat Up, Keeping Security Top-of-Mind

This is part of our cybersecurity predictions series. We heard from leaders from across the industry about what the new year might bring for cyber.

Executives from Veeam, a top backup, recovery and data management solution provider, shared their thoughts on the future of cyber in 2022.

Danny Allan, Chief Technology Officer, Veeam

Tech’s labor market will be met with big money and big challenges

“The COVID-19 economy – and the subsequent great resignation – throughout the last two years certainly made its mark in the tech industry. As we continue to see turnover and lower employee retention, tech salaries will begin to grow in 2022 to incentivize talent to stay. I see this causing an interesting dynamic, presenting bigger challenges, especially to the folks in the startup and VC world. The bigger tech giants are the ones who can meet the high dollar demand and deliver benefits for a competitive workforce. It will be interesting to see in the years ahead what this does for innovation, which tends to come from the hungry startups where people work for very little for a long time. We could very well see a resurgence of tech talent returning to the “old guard” companies to meet their needs for stable (and large) salaries, forgoing the competitive, hard-knocks of startups that could cause a skills and talent gap that lasts for years to come.”

New privacy-focused legislation will shift attention to data sovereignty clouds

“With increased focus on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulating data protection and privacy in the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) enhancing privacy rights and consumer protection for Californians, other states and countries are facing pressure to enact comprehensive data privacy legislation. As this continues in 2022, I expect we’ll see much more focus on data sovereignty clouds to keep data within nations or within a certain physical location. This is a far more specified cloud model that we’re starting to see in EMEA with Gaia-X. Some will see this as an obstacle, but once implemented, this will be a good thing as it puts consumer privacy at the core of business strategy.”

Matt Kalmenson, Vice President of Sales, Commercial Sales & Cloud Service Providers, Veeam

Kubernetes and virtual machines will heat up, keeping security top-of-mind

“As the pandemic influenced a global transition to remote work, organizations shifted quickly to the cloud for data storage and collaboration. As a result of this shift, we will see the Kubernetes and virtual machines marketplace really heat up in the year ahead – likely having customers requesting containers-as-a-service from providers. MSPs will have to get ahead of this by taking a consultative approach to these evolving requests to ensure they can provide these services in a way that places security top of mind and demonstrates their ability to provide immutability and ransomware protection.”

Cloud, security, consulting offerings will be how channel partners survive in 2022

“While every MSP has a slightly different approach, all must add value through a consultative approach in 2022. Customers want a partner, not a vendor. MSPs who offer flexibility, consulting and a variety of resources will become trusted partners that customers look to when they need to expand their suite of tools to stay up-to-date with industry trends. Cloud and security offerings are interconnected and those who approach customers with a comprehensive mindset will outperform those who remain siloed. This is how MSPs can ensure that when the trends change, as they inevitably will, your customers look to you for guidance rather than someone else. “

Kevin Rooney, Vice President, Americas Channel Sales, Veeam

Organizations need to “show it not say it” with their channel partner security protections

“If 2021 taught us one thing, it’s that we can never pay too much attention to security. A company's data is its most valuable asset. Organizations can no longer be comfortable with dated strategies and a passive approach. Security isn’t something we just talk about – it must be an everyday focus. In 2022, organizations must hold channel partners accountable in their shared mission to implement transparent, actionable and dependable strategies, and instill a cybersecurity-first mindset throughout the organization.”



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