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2022 Cyber Predictions: Threats Targeting Both Android and iOS

This is part of our 2022 cyber predictions series. We heard from top leaders in the industry about what cyber could bring in the new year.

Richard Melick, Director of Product Strategy, Endpoint at Zimperium:

“In today’s interconnected world, consumer only threats do not exist, everything is now an enterprise threat. That is why mobile security attacks will become a bigger enterprise threat in 2022.

Historically, malicious actors have focused efforts on traditional endpoints, but threats targeting both Android and iOS enterprise-connected devices and applications have increased massively worldwide. This is because, the modern workflow has evolved enabling organizations to accept new mobile devices and apps into their systems in the spirit of remote work and productivity. But companies have continued to only invest in securing traditional endpoints, leaving mobile endpoints including BYODs unsecured and vulnerable to attack.

In 2022, enterprises will face an increased number of mobile attacks including zero-day and zero-click vulnerabilities designed to target mobile infrastructure to steal or spy on unsuspecting employees and their data. We will see mobile ransomware come to fruition and more Pegasus-like spyware revelations, and security breaches that originate with the mobile endpoint.

This will only continue to worsen until enterprises take action to uphold and protect mobile endpoints with the same security standards as traditional devices. If no action is taken, mobile devices will leave enterprise attack surfaces ripe and open to the increasingly complex mobile threat landscape in 2022.”



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