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2023 Cybersecurity Predictions: Identity Verification Becomes Urgent

This post is part of our 2023 cybersecurity prediction series.

Michael Klieman, OneSpan

Michael Klieman, Chief Product Officer, OneSpan

With Trust Under Attack, Identity Verification is an Urgent Matter.

High confidence in people’s identities throughout every experience is the starting point to establishing digital trust and is paramount for organizations everywhere in 2023. To realize the promise of Web 3.0, organizations must enhance trust and confidence in today’s most critical customer experiences and ensure that integrity is never in question. Think about the simple example of a caller in a Zoom session who has video turned off – can a business be certain it’s truly the person they believe it to be on the other end of a screen sharing session? Can an organization prove that a legitimate customer opened an account, or was it done with a manufactured, synthetic identity? The trust involved here, that confidence in knowing who you are interacting with, is central to how businesses operate.

Advances in identity proofing, password-less authentication, and adaptive risk-based orchestration are coming together to secure and increase the confidence and trust of interactions throughout digital customer journeys as we head into 2023.

Caroline Vignollet, OneSpan

Caroline Vignollet, SVP of R&D, OneSpan

Continued widening of the cybersecurity talent gap.

We’re starting to accept the cybersecurity talent gap as an ongoing challenge, and this will continue into the new year as we struggle as an industry to encourage younger generations to enter the field. Cybersecurity education is pivotal, and while we see more universities develop cyber courses, it still remains very small in comparison to the critical challenges organizations face daily. For this new generation to be successful, universities must expand cyber education and provide real hands-on cyber training, not just theoretical training.

Of course, companies must take training into their own hands. Every person in an organization plays a role – even if it’s just increasing awareness around phishing emails and avoiding insecure links. Organizations must also work to better support their cyber teams. As cyber leaders, we have a responsibility to create safe environments and make this known to anyone interested in the field. In fact, one of the most important KPIs to look for within employee engagement surveys is whether employees feel comfortable talking to leadership - it's the strongest way to avoid burnout as this widening talent gap continues into 2023.



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