3 Password Security Challenges That Threaten the Permanent Hybrid Workforce

This blog was contributed by Darren James, Head of Internal IT at Specops Software.

Remote workers are starting to return to their old workspaces, but the offices they’re entering aren’t the same offices they left in March 2020. Having realized that workers can function well in a remote environment, many organizations are adopting hybrid work in which employees work both remotely and in the office.

Shifting to remote work during the pandemic created many new IT challenges, and some of these have been heavily discussed. From Wi-Fi outages and phishing emails to the deterioration of the office perimeter, these issues have presented valuable lessons that IT leaders continue to learn about navigating remote work.

But if IT leaders are to successfully ensure hybrid workforce continuity, they must look beyond these front-and-center hurdles and focus on a less discussed threat to the hybrid workforce: password security-related issues.

Passwords have long been at the forefront of cybersecurity risk due to excessive reuse and lack of enforceable policies and standards, among other factors. But with hybrid work here to stay, IT and security leaders will be forced to address password vulnerabilities soon, because they’re more troubling for the permanent hybrid workforce than they were within permanent office environments.

The Challenges Threatening Hybrid Workforce Password Security