Arctic Wolf Releases New Managed Security Awareness Solution

Arctic Wolf®, the leader in security operations, today announced the launch of Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness®, a radical new approach to security and awareness training that helps organizations build cyber resilience against social engineering, phishing attacks, and credential theft.

Arctic Wolf is the first managed detection and response (MDR) vendor to offer a comprehensive, fully managed, security awareness solution natively from its security operations-focused Arctic Wolf® Platform. This launch augments the powerful combination of technology and concierge services that Arctic Wolf pioneered in the industry to end cyber risk. According to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 85 percent of all incidents involve some form of human element, dominated by phishing and credential theft. Organizations looking to improve their security posture and minimize cyber risk have an acute and growing need to implement programs that address their exposure to social engineering attacks.

Arctic Wolf’s innovative new offering is uniquely positioned to help customers in that journey because it combines fully managed security awareness training, phishing simulations, and account takeover monitoring in a solution that is delivered as a concierge service. This makes it fast and easy for security teams, even those without an IT or cybersecurity function, to add a security awareness and training program and receive this critical level of protection.

Pioneering a New Approach to Cyber Resilience Through a Fully Managed Security Awareness Service

Security awareness training is a core pillar of security operations, but traditional training solutions that operate on an annual cadence and offer a "check the box" approach to compliance are wildly ineffective, leaving employees unengaged and uninformed about the latest attacks targeting them. With Arctic Wolf observing a 64% increase in phishing and ransomware attacks in the second quarter of last year, it’s clear that attackers will continue to leverage social engineering to achieve their objectives. In addition,