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BigID Secures Groundbreaking Patent for AI-Driven Personal Data Identification

BigID, a leading vendor in data security and compliance for cloud and hybrid cloud environments, has been granted an innovative patent for its application of AI in identifying both direct (PII) and indirect (PI) personal information across extensive cloud-scale data. The United States has issued the patent titled "Machine Learning System and Methods for Determining Confidence Levels of Personal Information Findings," marking a significant achievement in the realm of data privacy and security.

The newly patented identity intelligence technology by BigID encompasses the discovery, classification, and automatic correlation of personal data across various types of data formats, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. This advanced AI-enabled technology offers numerous applications in data security, compliance, privacy, and governance, such as:

  • Automating GDPR and CPRA data subject access and deletion responses.

  • Detecting data sovereignty and cross-border violations based on residency.

  • Identifying the scope of data impacted in security breaches.

  • Performing large-scale exact value matching for billions of PII elements.

  • Resolving discrepancies in identity profiles and measuring data risk posture.

  • Creating virtual master identity records from fragmented identity data

  • De-identifying genAI training data and flagging potential biases in unstructured data.

This patented technology is fully integrated across BigID’s product range and has been implemented in over 100 Fortune 500 enterprises.

Nimrod Vax, head of product and co-founder of BigID, emphasized the importance of this advancement: "Knowing your identity data at scale has never been more crucial for enhancing data security in AI, automating privacy operations like Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), and supporting data security functions." He further highlighted BigID’s pioneering role in utilizing AI for data discovery, classification, and contextualization across security, compliance, and privacy applications. This latest patent reinforces BigID's dedication to leading the industry in data intelligence innovations for security, privacy, compliance, and AI.


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