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BlueVoyant Enhances Supply Chain Defense with Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Solution

BlueVoyant, a cybersecurity firm specializing in risk management and managed threat detection and response, has introduced an expanded suite of offerings under its Supply Chain Defense (SCD) umbrella. These new products and services aim to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for organizations, particularly focusing on mitigating risks within their third-party networks.

Key features of BlueVoyant's SCD now include multi-tiered continuous monitoring, ranging from expert-directed remediation to high-volume monitoring, all powered by advanced analytics and expert analysis. Additionally, a highly customizable questionnaire management and validation platform has been added to aid organizations in assessing and managing vendor risks effectively. Point-in-time assessments of vendor risks have also been incorporated to assist with procurement decisions and due diligence. Rapid detection and alerting for zero-day vulnerabilities are part of the enhanced SCD suite.

Joel Molinoff, Global Head of BlueVoyant's SCD business unit, emphasized the comprehensive nature of their solution. "With BlueVoyant's comprehensive third party cyber risk reduction solution, our customers can manage and reduce risk associated with hundreds or even thousands of third parties including vendors, suppliers, and partners," said Molinoff. "With our newly released offerings, organizations of any maturity level can quickly reap the benefits of true risk reduction within their complex third-party ecosystems." The flexibility of these offerings enables organizations at any maturity level to benefit from effective risk reduction strategies within their complex third-party ecosystems.

With these new capabilities, BlueVoyant positions itself as a valuable partner for organizations seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity posture by managing and reducing risks associated with third-party vendors throughout the vendor lifecycle. ###


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