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Cequence and Tetrate Partner to Embed Security into Cloud Native Applications

Cequence Security, the industry leader in API security, has announced a partnership with Tetrate, an enterprise service mesh company and Gartner 2021 Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing, to bake API discovery and security into modern cloud-native microservices applications.

We spoke with Larry Link, President and CEO of Cequence Security about the benefits of this partnership to customers and the market as well as how the relationship will evolve.

What is the genesis of this partnership? What problems are you trying to solve together?

Today, software is eating the world, with everything we do relies on an app and APIs are taking the biggest byte. The software in your car, the mobile apps used, a favorite shopping site, and finance management all rely on APIs to deliver an engaging user experience. For these same reasons, threat attackers love APIs.

With that in mind, the relationship will integrate the Cequence API Security Platform with the Tetrate Service Bridge, to deliver API and web application protection without injecting delays into the development or deployment process.

Tetrate is helping enterprise customers implement Service Meshes for the microservices supporting these APIs, making it easy to spin up services that are secure, scalable, and automatically monitored for service health and reliability. Cequence complements Tetrate by protecting APIs and web applications at the application level, and can be embedded within the service mesh to automatically protect and scale with microservices deployed using Tetrate Service Bridge.

What makes the partnership special? What benefits will customers see?

Customers will see improved API security delivered at the speed of the cloud. Service mesh plays a critical role in incorporating zero-trust design and DevSecOps principles by connecting microservices across infrastructures with no additional code. However, discovering all the API endpoints exposed by microservices and securing them can be a difficult task given the rapid pace of development by these applications. With a few clicks of a mouse customers will be able to add security to their cloud-native applications during the development cycle. When deployed, they are automatically protected, across their multi-cluster, multi-cloud microservices environments.

Any future plans for the partnership? How should customers expect your relationship to evolve?

The market adoption for service meshes is still very much in its infancy . Our current focus is to make it easier for security and operations teams to deploy, manage, and secure APIs, and we will continue to collaborate with Tetrate as both companies continue to innovate. Cequence is excited to partner with Tetrate because of their understanding of security and operational challenges within organizations using hundreds or thousands of microservices and APIs to run their business. Cequence has a long history of satisfying customers by integrating with leading technologies, and this partnership exemplifies our commitment to simplify API Security and Governance.



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