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Claroty and Siemens Healthineers Join Forces to Strengthen Healthcare Cybersecurity

Claroty, a cyber-physical systems protection company, has announced a strategic partnership with Siemens Healthineers, a medical technology company, to enhance the cybersecurity of healthcare enterprises. The collaboration will combine software, managed services, and data sharing to defend against malicious cyberattacks, ultimately improving patient care reliability. Healthcare systems are increasingly exposed to cyber and operational risks as technology environments become more interconnected. Over the past five years, healthcare ransomware attacks have more than doubled, causing disruptions in care delivery and impacting millions of patients.

Siemens Healthineers' ActSafe Cybersecurity Solution, a vendor-neutral offering, will leverage Claroty's Medigate software platform to provide healthcare enterprises with comprehensive cybersecurity insights, including vulnerability and risk management, network segmentation, and efficient remediation action plans. This solution allows organizations to better manage the risk of cyber threats, maintain an up-to-date inventory of network-connected devices, and achieve operational benefits, such as cost savings. In addition to the software platform, Claroty and Siemens Healthineers will share medical device product security data, enabling healthcare providers to focus on high-priority risks and vulnerabilities and improve operational efficiency.

The partnership aims to empower healthcare providers to enhance patient confidentiality and trust while delivering world-class care. Claroty's Medigate platform, recognized as Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security for the third consecutive year, protects over 20 million IoT and IoMT devices in healthcare settings across the globe, providing a robust cybersecurity solution for the industry.



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