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Code-X Launches from Stealth with Validated Offering by Department of Defense

Code-X recently emerged from stealth to launch the first-ever commercially available lattice-based data protection platform validated by the United States Department of Defense (U.S. DOD) and intelligence community. The Code-X platform was recently tested under extreme conditions by the U.S. DOD and members of the intelligence community and both validated its ability to protect sensitive information and critical systems across multiple environments simultaneously. The U.S. DOD testing also validated the Code-X platform increases packet management, network throughput, storage redundancy and continuity while reducing overall processing requirements.

We sat down with Darren LaCroix, Co-Founder and CEO, Code-X to learn more about the company and what makes it unique.

What is the company's mission?

Our mission is to protect the world’s most sensitive information from internal and external threats. In today’s world, no company – regardless of size or industry – is safe from cyberattacks. And the frequency of these attacks shows no sign of slowing down. For example, ransomware attacks are spiking and causing significant real-world, downstream damage. Data and IP theft is commonplace. The legacy approach to securing data and information is proving ineffective against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

By bringing the first commercially available lattice-based data protection platform to market, we’re essentially changing the security game without letting the attackers know what game is even being played.

What problems do you aim to solve and how?

We want to ensure that highly regulated organizations can authenticate and trust that their data and systems are secure. Our proprietary technology combined with lattice equations make the Code-X platform the first-ever efficient, lattice-based security solution that can reverse the reality of malicious toolsets being on a parallel path with the advancement of technology.

We’re giving organizations impermeable security from the moment of data creation, throughout its entire life cycle while also being system and device-friendly. We can secure information across any device and its possible because of our proprietary pseudo-random, lattice-based engine.

Tell us about your validation with the DoD and why it’s unique.

Until now, the use of lattice-based cryptography for data security was theoretical. What the testing and validation by the DoD shows is that we’re able to protect sensitive information and critical systems across multiple environments simultaneously – while also delivering a high degree of efficiency, which has historically been the biggest inhibitor for the lattice-based approach.

Some of the most sophisticated security minds in the world are affiliated with the DoD and Intelligence community. I can’t imagine a better scenario to battle-test our platform. The validation is important to show organizations that Code-X can secure today's most complex data security challenges while preparing organizations for future threats

What are your aspirations for the company in 2021?

We’re going to continue to build our footprint in highly regulated industries - with defense and healthcare being priority. The momentum is just starting - we already have three major contracts signed, with 10 more expected over the next 12 months. From a business standpoint, we’re excited to expand our team across departments and have plans in place to triple headcount by the end of the year.



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