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Contrast Security Introduces Partnership with GitHub and New GitHub Actions

Contrast Security, the leader in next-gen code security, has announced its partnership with GitHub and the availability of its suite of GitHub Actions, simplifying the process for developers to ensure the code they build is free of security vulnerabilities.

Implementing DevSecOps transformation across software delivery pipelines is complex and takes developers out of their existing CI/CD processes. According to the Gartner® report Survey Analysis: Enabling Cloud-Native DevSecOps, "40% of organizations have difficulty integrating new processes and security toolsets with their existing legacy ones."

"The addition of Contrast's GitHub Actions to the GitHub Marketplace makes it much easier for development, security, and platform operations teams to drive DevSecOps transformation with automation at scale," said Nikesh Shah, Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances at Contrast Security. "By shifting security automation left within native CI/CD tooling, developers can now embed security within delivery pipelines as their code makes its way from build to test, and through production."

Now available for deployment, Contrast's four GitHub Actions embed security into existing developer value streams with each commit, pull request, test, and deployment.

  • Contrast Scan Analyze: Provides automated static code analysis within native CI pipelines, without ever leaving the GitHub environment, while prioritizing exploitable vulnerabilities and weeding out noise for scan times that are up to 10x faster than competing static application security testing (SAST) tools. How-to-fix guidance within the GitHub pipeline also enables early remediation before promoting to production.

  • Contrast Assess for Azure Spring Cloud: Deploys as a java application with a Contrast Assess Security Java Agent (JAR) to the Azure Spring Cloud PaaS environment to extend security into SDLC automation.

  • Contrast Assess for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Builds and deploys a java application to the AKS with a Contrast Security Java Agent.

  • Contrast Assess for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS): Builds and deploys a java application to the Amazon EKS with a Contrast Security Java agent.

Contrast's GitHub Actions are available today with support for Java applications, and additional language support is in development including new GitHub Actions for .NET and JavaScript applications. Contrast is also actively investing in developer efficiency and ease-of-use by allowing users to try our products for free by simply registering with their GitHub credentials. More details will be announced in the coming months.



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