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CrowdStrike Unveils Falcon® for Defender at RSA Conference 2024, Enhancing Endpoint Security for Microsoft Users

CrowdStrike (NASDAQ: CRWD) has introduced CrowdStrike Falcon® for Defender, aimed at bolstering the defense capabilities of Microsoft Defender deployments. As an integral component of the AI-driven CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR platform, Falcon for Defender operates alongside Microsoft Defender, enhancing the security posture of endpoints running the latter.

For organizations reliant on Microsoft Defender, the management of intricate policies, signature updates, and multiple consoles presents a substantial operational challenge for security teams. This complexity often results in protection gaps that adversaries exploit to launch attacks. Falcon for Defender addresses this issue by providing organizations with enhanced visibility into threats that evade detection by Defender, as well as the necessary threat hunting capabilities to prevent breaches.

Michael Sentonas, President at CrowdStrike, emphasized the significance of Falcon for Defender in alleviating the burden faced by security professionals tasked with deploying Microsoft Defender through E3 and E5 licensing. "Falcon for Defender fills critical security gaps at a disruptive price point," Sentonas remarked. "Delivering visibility into missed threats and best-in-class threat hunting raises the cybersecurity bar. Falcon for Defender gives cybersecurity professionals the technology they want and need with the outcome they so desperately seek – stopping the breach."

Key features of Falcon for Defender include:

Visibility into Missed Attacks: Leveraging CrowdStrike's AI-powered detections, enriched with industry-leading threat intelligence, Falcon for Defender identifies threats that may evade detection by Microsoft Defender.

Falcon OverWatch 24×7 Threat Hunting: OverWatch combines human expertise with advanced technology to detect and hunt anomalous activity that may bypass Microsoft Defender.

Surgical Response: Security teams can eradicate even the most sophisticated threats directly from the Falcon platform, ensuring swift and effective response to security incidents.

One of the notable advantages of Falcon for Defender is its rapid deployment capability, requiring no reboots and operating seamlessly alongside Microsoft Defender, thereby strengthening defenses without disrupting operations. The launch of Falcon for Defender underscores CrowdStrike's commitment to advancing cybersecurity by providing organizations with innovative solutions to combat evolving threats. As cyber adversaries continue to refine their tactics, collaboration between industry leaders like CrowdStrike and Microsoft becomes increasingly vital in safeguarding digital assets and infrastructure.


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