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CybelAngel: How To Prepare for Holiday Weekend Ransomware Attacks

With the upcoming Labor Day weekend and the FBI and CISA issuing an advisory on not letting your ransomware defense guard down during holidays, digital risk protector CybelAngel is offering advice on what to look out for and how to be best prepared.

Camille Charaudeau, Vice President, Product Strategy recommends the following:

  • Be prepared well in advance: Cyberattacks take time so the proceeding days leading up to the holiday weekend will be when the attack is launched

  • Keep an eye out for unauthorized or failed logins and abnormal data traffic, and double-check endpoint detection alerts. Confirm which staff will be active and monitor for activity by staff that should be away.

  • Initiate backup procedures now, so that if an attack does occur your data will be recent and your extortion risk is lower.

  • Have a team in place: A security team needs to have coverage over the weekend, with a clear response plan if a cyberattack occurs. Refresh people's memories now so that any recovery will be smoother.

CybelAngel’s research team will be monitoring closely over the weekend for any surges in attacks.



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