Cyber Asset Management Startup Noetic Emerges from Stealth with $20M in Funding

Noetic Cyber, a cloud-based continuous cyber asset management and controls platform, launched today with a total of $20M in funding, including a new Series A round led by Energy Impact Partners, with participation from existing seed investors TenEleven Ventures and Glasswing Ventures. Given the recent spate of high-profile breaches taking advantage of known vulnerabilities, Noetic Cyber’s technology delivers rapid time to value for security leaders by leveraging automation to not just find and highlight problems, but to fix them as well.

We spoke with Noetic CEO and Co-Founder Paul Ayers to discuss the company's mission and what we can expect from Noetic in the next year.

What is the mission of Noetic Cyber?

Noetic’s mission is to empower security teams with a better way to assess and improve their security posture. It comes from a fundamental security challenge – you can’t protect what you don’t know is there. Noetic’s goal is to provide security with the insights they need to know what they have, it’s current security state and the business context to help them understand why it matters. We don’t want to just provide visibility though, our solution is designed to find problems once, and fix them continuously using orchestration and automation.

What problems do you aim to solve? Why are they critical?

The fundamental problem that we aim to solve is the cyber asset management problem. This has been caused by the technology sprawl we’re all experiencing – the huge uptake in SaaS application and Cloud services means that new assets and entities are created constantly, with unclear security controls, they can also quickly disappear, leaving security teams blind to their potential impact to the business.