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Cygilant’s Kevin Landt Shares Details on the Company's New Endpoint Security Solution

Cygilant, provider of Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to mid-sized organizations, recently launched Cygilant Endpoint Security, a new solution that gives companies greater visibility into suspicious activity taking place on network endpoints.

We sat down with Kevin Landt, Cygilant’s VP of product management to discuss the new offering, the benefits of endpoint security, and how MDR and endpoint security can come together for a stronger security solution.

What are the benefits of endpoint security from Cygilant - what makes you different?

“Cygilant Endpoint Security is purpose-built to deliver the most critical endpoint detection features to small and mid-sized companies – but do so in a way that’s cost-effective, user-friendly, scalable and reliable. It is an agent-based solution that collects real-time security data from a company’s critical assets, detects suspicious files, services and other activity – and then streams alerts to the 24x7 Cygilant Security Operations Center (SOC) for further investigation and action. Fully managed by Cygilant, and available as a part of our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution, Endpoint Security delivers customers significant time and cost savings when compared to deploying traditional endpoint protection products.”

MDR is becoming more popular and what makes this solution so desirable? 

“Companies are finding MDR to be a critical solution – especially in these times of remote work. Having a partner that can proactively hunt, detect and quickly respond to threats frees you up to worry about IT problems more critical to your business’ value proposition – (or at the very least, it frees you up to troubleshoot why an executive cannot get videoconferencing to work correctly).

In addition, endpoints are in constant use right now – which means they can generate a large number of alerts that need to be investigated. Hiring the talent to do that work during the pandemic is extremely challenging especially for mid-size businesses that are conserving their budgets right now. That’s another way this solution can help.”

How do endpoint security and MDR come into play during this time of remote work and staffing shortages?

“With the recent rapid increase in the number of remote workers that companies have to support, it has become even more critical to monitor what traffic is coming in and out of your networks. Endpoints are roaming from network to network or utilizing resources in cloud data centers that are not under direct corporate control. At the same time, attackers are using sophisticated methods to craft exploits that mimic legitimate traffic and are designed to evade signature-based defenses. By using this traffic – that normally wouldn’t be blocked at the perimeter – cybercriminals can gain access to your network and data before you knew you had a problem. This method had been increasingly used to target small and mid-sized businesses even before the crisis, hence why we’re launching a solution.”

For more information about Cygilant, visit their website:


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