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Data Privacy Day Highlights: Security and Privacy Pros Must Work Together

Experts shared how the industry can move forward in Data Privacy - beyond Data Privacy Day 2023.

Clar Ross, (ISC)2

Clar Rosso, CEO of (ISC)2

"The intersection of security and privacy has been evident for years – and in the end, you can’t have one without the other. As we continue to interact, process and consume data at an exponential rate, there needs to be a clear understanding of where data is located, managed and accessed to avoid getting into the wrong hands. With privacy and cybersecurity functions becoming increasingly synergistic, privacy and cybersecurity professionals must work collaboratively to ensure strong and effective data stewardship. Not only will it improve security and privacy postures, but the collaboration will help alleviate resource challenges."

Jone France, (ISC)2

Jon France, CISO of (ISC)2

"Anything that highlights the importance of privacy in the public's mind is a good thing, of course, but it should be a year-round concern. As society doubles down on protecting privacy in 2023, I'm sure we'll see more high-profile cases of breaches and increased focus by regulators with accompanying fines that will likely be larger than last year. All data should be secured even though not all data is private – security is a fundamental foundation of privacy, and we can all do more to secure and protect citizens' data."



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