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DataDome Launches First User-Friendly, Privacy Compliant, Secure CAPTCHA

DataDome, an AI-powered online fraud and bot management provider, has announced enhancements to its solution with the launch of its newly integrated and reimagined CAPTCHA.

DataDome’s CAPTCHA is the first privacy compliant, secure, and user-friendly CAPTCHA to thwart today’s stealthiest bots. Fully compliant with local data privacy laws around the globe, DataDome’s CAPTCHA is completely integrated into its detection engine, offering superior protection and an enhanced user experience: DataDome is the first vendor to ensure that 99.99% of real users will not see a CAPTCHA.

“Unlike other CAPTCHAs that frustrate users and often collect personal data without informing them, DataDome delivers an exceptional, and privacy-compliant, user experience,” says Benjamin Fabre, CEO of DataDome. “And because it was designed with cybersecurity at its core, our CAPTCHA provides the highest security protection against today’s sophisticated bots.”

Intended for very basic human validation, CAPTCHAs have not historically been coupled with security logic. DataDome is the only solution that is secure by design, protecting companies from bots and online fraud across all endpoints on mobile apps, websites, and APIs:

  • A true security CAPTCHA built by a security company: Current CAPTCHA solutions on the market are easy for bots and online fraudsters to bypass. According to DataDome’s aggregate customer data, 50% of “users” that passed other CAPTCHA providers’ challenges were actually bots. DataDome combines signals from its CAPTCHA with the 1 trillion other signals it processes each day to identify and react to new bot techniques in real time, effectively ending CAPTCHA farms.

  • Privacy first: DataDome’s CAPTCHA only collects information as necessary for security purposes, and it is never shared, resold, or kept longer than 30 days. All data is processed and stored in a localized point of presence (PoP) to ensure compliance with local data privacy regulations. No personally identifiable information (PII) is ever collected.

  • Unmatched user experience: DataDome’s CAPTCHA is orders of magnitude faster than Google’s reCAPTCHA, and offers unmatched accessibility for the visually impaired, with the audio CAPTCHA in 13 languages—more than any other provider.

"DataDome's CAPTCHA gives us peace of mind. Not only does it block bot traffic, we know that our users' experience remains uninterrupted," says Ivan Delgado, CIO, "And because DataDome prioritizes privacy, we likewise don't have to worry about violating compliance regulations."

Other customers agree. “The DataDome CAPTCHA is intuitive and very easy to use. It also protects us better against bot traffic, thanks to the various signals collected on the CAPTCHA page,” said Thomas Aligand, Lead Run Manager at SNCF Connect and Tech Services. “We are very happy with the solution and the improvements that this new CAPTCHA brings to our protection and security.”

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of Aurelie Guerreri’s appointment as CMO, the addition of KnowBe4’s Lars Letonoff to DataDome’s Board of Directors, as well as Benjamin Fabre’s appointment as CEO. The company was also recently named a “Strong Performer” in bot management in The Forrester Wave™: Bot Management, Q2 2022 report, and has won several industry awards, including the CNP Customer’s Choice Award for Best Anti-Fraud Solution, Global Business Technology Award for Best Application of Tech - Security, and the Cybersecurity Excellence Award for Bot Defense.



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