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Deal Box Integrates with Fireblocks to Provide Secure Digital Asset Management

Capital markets advisory platform Deal Box has integrated with blockchain-based product platform Fireblocks to provide enhanced security for its digital securities investment platform. The integration will allow Deal Box to utilise Fireblocks’ secure infrastructure to mint and burn tokens securely and efficiently, while also enabling Deal Box to provide a secure and reliable platform for its clients to invest in private securities and alternative assets.

The platform will enable Deal Box to deliver a secure and institutional-grade custody solution tailored to its needs, with advanced security features like multi-party computation (MPC), hardware isolation and tamper-proof hardware to ensure digital assets are stored securely. Additionally, Fireblocks provides up to $30m in insurance coverage for digital assets stored in its custody. Deal Box CEO and Chairman Thomas Carter said that "managing digital securities is at the core of our investment packaging services at Deal Box, which requires a highly secure platform in place for storing and transferring such sensitive assets".

Deal Box is a digital securities investment platform that allows companies to raise capital from accredited investors through various investment vehicles, including digital securities offerings (DSOs). Deal Box tokenized over $250m in illiquid alternative assets in 2022, allowing companies to raise capital more efficiently, cost-effectively and securely than traditional fundraising methods. Fireblocks' technology will enable Deal Box to store, transfer, and issue digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other blockchain-based assets, in a secure environment. Fireblocks Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy Adam Levine said that the integration will enable Deal Box to deliver a high level of security, reliability and efficiency when handling digital assets, making it easier for them to raise capital through DSOs. ###


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