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Digital Guardian Extends Endpoint DLP to Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, and Zoom

Digital Guardian, a leader in data loss prevention (DLP) and managed detection and response (MDR), today announced the release of DLP policy packs for top business communications and collaboration applications, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, and Zoom. The new policy packs help Digital Guardian customers enable secure communications and collaboration wherever employees are working by monitoring and controlling sensitive data sharing within these solutions.

The policy packs are free to all Digital Guardian customers and allow greater control over messages, file sharing and user actions in these increasingly popular applications. Using real-time, rule-based actions provided in the policy packs, system administrators can automatically block users from sharing confidential or sensitive files on both corporate and personal collaboration app accounts. Administrators can customize these rules to fit the needs of their organization. For example, they may permit authorized users to share sensitive files on organization-approved collaboration applications or simply warn users that they are about to share sensitive information.

“The work-from-anywhere environment has necessitated greater use of collaboration apps putting strain on IT teams to manage the increased risk of data egress,” said Ben Cody, Senior Vice President, Product Management. “With the addition of Digital Guardian’s collaboration policies, we’re enabling busy security analysts to easily regain control of their users’ messaging behavior and mitigate risky data sharing.”

Essential Communications & Collaboration Use Cases Covered

The new policy packs cover these popular applications and use cases:

Microsoft Teams

  • Control all file uploads to MS Teams (teams.exe).

  • Control classified file uploads to MS Teams (teams.exe).

  • Control file uploads to MS Teams (teams.exe) from the user’s online OneDrive account.

  • Control MS Teams (teams.exe) chats that contain classified content.


  • Control all file uploads by Slack (slack.exe).

  • Control classified file upload by Slack (slack.exe).

  • Control Slack (slack.exe) chats that contain classified content.


  • Control file downloads in Zoom (zoom.exe).

  • Control all file uploads in Zoom (zoom.exe).

  • Control classified file uploads in Zoom (zoom.exe).

  • Control Zoom ability to share screen.


  • Control all file uploads to Skype (skype.exe).

  • Control classified file uploads to Skype (skype.exe).

  • Control Skype (skype.exe) chats that contain classified content.

These policies are available at no cost to all Digital Guardian customers and included as part of the existing Windows DLP Control Policy Pack. Customers can access the content packs on the Content Server and can download documentation by visiting the Digital Guardian support portal and searching for the Content Server User Guide.

About Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is no-compromise data protection. The company’s cloud-delivered data protection platform is purpose-built to stop data loss by both insiders and outsiders on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform performs across the corporate network, traditional endpoints, and cloud applications. For more than 15 years, we have enabled data-rich organizations to protect their most valuable assets with a choice of SaaS or fully managed deployment. Digital Guardian’s unique policy-less data visibility and flexible controls enable organizations to protect data without slowing the pace of their business. To learn more please visit:



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