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Forcepoint Launches Data Security Everywhere, Extending DLP Policies from Endpoints to the Cloud

Forcepoint has announced the launch of its new offering, Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere, which extends its enterprise DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policies from endpoints to the cloud. The company aims to streamline compliance by simplifying enterprise DLP management across cloud, web, and private apps, and it is bringing Forcepoint ONE Insights to market. Forcepoint ONE Insights allows users to visualize and quantify the financial value of security efficacy delivered by Forcepoint solutions through interactive, at-a-glance analytics for business leaders and security professionals.

Forcepoint ONE SSE (Secure Service Access Edge) integration extends enterprise DLP to the cloud and web, enabling customers to apply DLP policies across CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), SWG (Secure Web Gateway), and ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) channels with just a few clicks. Forcepoint ONE SSE channels add to Forcepoint Enterprise DLP, protecting data across any website, cloud application, and web-based private application. By classifying data and organizing it into different groups, Forcepoint data security policies can be written once and enforced everywhere to automatically handle new instances and types of sensitive data.

The company's data-first approach goes beyond basic data protection, providing end-to-end enforcement for organizations with cloud-based applications or distributed workforces. Customers can leverage over 1,600 out-of-the-box classifiers, policies, and templates to simplify DLP management and enable granular enforcement for files. Security operations center (SOC) and IT teams can obtain complete incident reporting and forensic information from a single management console.

Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere is immediately available directly from Forcepoint and through the company's global network of channel partners. Forcepoint ONE Insights, formerly code-named Symphony, will provide economic value and advanced security analytics for real-time insights into an organization's security status. It will be included with all Forcepoint ONE subscriptions and will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze security data from multiple sources, such as network traffic, endpoint devices, and cloud applications. With at-a-glance visualization, security teams can identify potential threats more quickly, reducing the risk of data breaches. They can also see in real-time dashboards showing the economic value and ROI of their use of Forcepoint ONE.



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