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ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless Helps Organizations Accelerate A Future Without Passwords

ForgeRock recently launched a new passwordless authentication solution, Enterprise Connect Passwordless, which removes the need for users to interact with passwords in large organizations. The solution, developed in partnership with Secret Double Octopus, is integrated into the ForgeRock Identity Platform and protects enterprise resources such as servers, workstations, and VPNs. By offering a passwordless experience to legacy applications, systems, and services, the solution helps organizations defend against cyber-attacks and unauthorized access while delivering an improved employee experience.

Peter Barker, Chief Product Officer at ForgeRock

We spoke with Peter Barker, Chief Product Officer at ForgeRock, to learn more about Enterprise Connect Passwordless and how it can help organizations accelerate their passwordless journey at their own speed. Can you tell us more about how ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless works and how it eliminates the need for passwords?

Developed through ForgeRock’s strategic partnership with Secret Double Octopus and integrated into the ForgeRock Identity Platform, ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless is a phishing-resistant passwordless authentication solution. ForgeRock seamlessly integrates customer workstations and infrastructure with passwordless workflows, giving users a holistic login experience across all enterprise resources including workstations, apps, servers, databases, and VPNs. It helps large organizations strengthen security, deliver great user experiences, and boost workforce productivity.

Key features of the new solution include passwordless authentication methods - such as FIDO2 WebAuthn including Passkeys, OATH, Push, OTP, Biometrics, and many more. It also incorporates no-code orchestration that makes it easy for teams to add security signal analysis, third-party integrations, and create simplified user registration, lost device, and help desk flows. Additionally, the solution features passwordless workforce integrations with legacy applications, VPNs, databases, mainframes, REST, LDAP, and Unix/Linux servers, while ensuring secure access to virtual and remote Windows desktops.

What are the benefits of deploying Enterprise Connect Passwordless for large enterprises in terms of security, productivity, and user experience?

Passwords present a myriad of issues - they are not secure, they are not user-friendly, and they are often very costly. Passwords are the number one cause of data breaches and offer little protection against phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks. What’s more, the average user has to remember around 100 passwords, resulting in users being locked out of their accounts and needing to call the help desk, which is not time- or cost-effective. However, organizations continue to use passwords because a better, easier solution has not emerged.

This has all changed with ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless, which provides large enterprises with the ability to strengthen security, enhance the user experience, and lower costs. By eliminating employee interaction with easily guessed, stolen and shared passwords, organizations are able to reduce the risk of compromise. What’s more, since there is no need to constantly remember and enter passwords, users are able to access business applications, systems and services more efficiently. Finally, by eliminating employee account lockouts and escalated login failures, organizations reduce IT help desk calls and tickets, thus reducing operational costs over time.

How does ForgeRock's partnership with Secret Double Octopus contribute to the development of Enterprise Connect Passwordless?

Secret Double Octopus - which provides next-generation workforce authentication solutions - is a strategic partner of ForgeRock’s and helps seamlessly integrate workforce infrastructure passwordless authentication across our solution portfolio. This provides end-users with a unified approach to login from desktop to applications.

What is ForgeRock's strategy for helping organizations move towards passwordless authentication?

ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless and its capabilities help organizations accelerate their passwordless journey at their own speed. ForgeRock knows that going completely passwordless can be a daunting task for organizations and users alike. That’s why our deployment process offers organizations the freedom to move to passwordless at their own pace – without it being an “all or nothing” experience.

This new solution has the power to help enterprises stay ahead of the sheer volume and fast pace of emerging cyberattacks as well as unauthorized access. Our vision is a world where employees never have to log in again.



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