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Fudo Security Expands Critical Enterprise IT Infrastructure Protection

Fudo Security, one of the fastest-growing providers of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions worldwide, has announced significant new capabilities to its award-winning PAM solution. With the release of Fudo Five, Fudo offers IT leaders a comprehensive suite of PAM services that includes just-in-time access, auto-discovery, and system health checks, while continuing to deliver the trademark simplicity, ease of use, and rapid time to install that customers have come to expect. Fudo’s powerful new Fudo Five PAM implementation provides the critical layer of a company’s zero-trust network access infrastructure for industries as diverse as healthcare, automotive, infrastructure, manufacturing, and hospitality.

According to Patryk Brozek, CEO of Fudo Security, “The recent attacks on critical infrastructure and enterprises around the world reinforce the urgent need for companies to take a zero-trust approach to network security. In our discussions with CISOs and IT leaders, we continue to hear that privilege misuse and compromised identities are some of their most serious security concerns in 2021 and beyond. With Fudo Five, Fudo delivers the industry’s most secure yet simple way for remote users to access an enterprise’s servers, applications, and systems, allowing security teams to deploy a zero trust-based approach to privileged access in a matter of hours.”

Key features of Fudo Five (release v5.0) include:

  • Just-in-Time - Grants temporary access to resources, system admins can easily define and schedule when a specific resource is available to certain users.

  • Auto-discovery - Scans domain controllers for new privileged & non-privileged accounts. With this ability, the onboarding process can be automated and added immediately to safes or quarantined for manual assignment.

  • Backup of sessions- Enables the ability to backup session recording over to external storage, like S3, Backblaze, or FTP server for archival purposes.

  • Health Check - Allows administrators to easily and automatically monitor Fudo components 24/7 by using API or SNMP protocol, eliminating the need for manual review.

  • HOTFIX - Allows for a faster way to modify Fudo’s functionality without waiting for the upgrade package.

  • Groups of servers - Adds multiple addresses to static servers & defines the scope of IP addresses. Dynamic servers apart from network addresses may contain multiple static IP addresses.

  • Enhanced notification management - Enables configuration of various notifications for users within each Fudo safe. Previously only the user could change notifications, now the admin can do this centrally for everyone.

Fudo Security’s PAM solution is the simplest way for remote users to safely access servers, applications, and systems. In addition to offering the world's leading session recording tool, Fudo PAM also detects suspicious activity by employees or hackers using stolen credentials. The award-winning, agentless solution can be deployed in a matter of days.



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