Fullstack Academy and Security Advisor Alliance Partner to Advance Nationwide Cyber Education

National tech education provider Fullstack Academy and cybersecurity-focused non-profit Security Advisory Alliance recently announced a partnership aimed at advancing cybersecurity education and growing the presence of entry-level talent across the country.

The partnership kicks off with the creation of the Fullstack Cyber Advisory Board, consisting of senior professionals from Fullstack Academy, Security Advisor Alliance and leading organizations across the largest companies in the U.S., spanning multiple industries. The Board will focus on advancing Fullstack’s cybersecurity curriculum to uniquely qualify graduates for entry-level cybersecurity jobs, building the technical and soft skills that cyber employers seek in today’s evolving landscape.

“As evidenced by the recent Colonial Pipeline breach and President Biden’s subsequent Executive Order, the need for cybersecurity talent is greater than ever and continuing to increase,” said Mogan Subramaniam, President of Fullstack Academy. “This strategic partnership enables us to bring together cybersecurity leaders and innovators to identify employer needs so the entry-level workforce is suitably qualified. Because without building your bench strength, organizations will never grow adequately enough to defend against the bad guys.”

According to CyberSeek, more than 464,000 open cybersecurity jobs are available in the U.S. today, with nearly 200,000 representing entry-level positions. These job openings are expected to increase as the threat of cybercrime and its impact on global economies intensifies.

“The demands on cybersecurity organizations are enormous, making it challenging to hire entry-level professionals that can hit the ground running and are ready to help reduce the risks these companies face,” explains Gary Latham, Executive Director of the Security Advisor Alliance. “As cybersecurity leaders, it’s our job to collaborate with chief information security officers to understand specifically what they need and to train emerging talent so that they are ready to quickly step into roles.”