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Global Data Breaches Soar: 110.8 Million User Accounts Leaked in Q2 2023, US Tops the List

Midway through 2023, global data breaches have surged almost three times, according to the latest study by cybersecurity company Surfshark. A staggering 110.8 million user accounts were breached in Q2 2023, with the United States being the most affected, accounting for nearly half of all breaches from April to June. Russia ranked second, followed by Spain, France, and Turkey. This represents a significant increase from the previous quarter, with over 14 user accounts being leaked every second, compared to just 6 in Q1 2023.

North America experienced the highest quarter-over-quarter increase in data breaches, with the number surging 9 times, reaching 51.3 million breached accounts in Q2 2023. Europe, although still vulnerable, dropped to the second-most affected region compared to the previous quarter. The Asian region witnessed the most significant quarter-over-quarter decrease, reducing the number of leaked accounts from almost 11 million in Q1 2023 to 5.8 million in Q2 2023, a 46% decrease.

the most data breached countries

Among the most breached countries in Q2 2023, the United States, Russia, Spain, France, and Turkey took the lead. Additionally, the report provided insights into breach density, with the US, Russia, Spain, Finland, and Australia having the highest number of leaked accounts per 1,000 residents.

Surfshark's findings serve as a stark reminder of the pressing need for robust data protection measures and vigilance against the increasing threat of data breaches. As cyberattacks continue to rise globally, it is imperative for individuals, businesses, and governments to prioritize data security and safeguard sensitive information from malicious actors.


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