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Google Chrome is Upping Its Game on Phishing Detection, But Does it Cast a Wide Enough Net?

Google announced yesterday that its latest iteration of the Chrome browser, version 92, will come with 50 times faster phishing detection. In an effort to curb rising phishing attacks, Google claims that analyzing a site for phishing will now take a tenth of a second on average as opposed to the 1.8 seconds it takes currently.

However, some security experts believe that this is yet another bandage on the much more advanced problem of taking these malicious sites off the internet for good. If the recent rise in cyberattacks has taught us anything, it’s that better security only creates smarter hackers.

According to Shashi Prakash, Co-founder and CTO of, “Improving phishing detection is important, but a better, more complete solution would be to take down these sites to provide 100% protection. History has shown that bad actors are just as innovative and figure out ways to bypass advancements in security technology. In addition to playing better defense, the industry should focus more energy into removing bad sites from the Internet and preventing them from being created.”



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