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Graylog Introduces Free API Security Tool to Combat Rising Cyber Threats

Graylog, a leader in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and log management solutions, announced today the launch of Graylog API Security – Free Edition. This innovative offering aims to make API security accessible to businesses of all sizes amid escalating API-related cyber threats. Graylog API Security distinguishes itself by allowing organizations to discover and classify APIs, then monitor and alert on threats originating from within the network perimeter.

In today's digital landscape, where attackers often masquerade as legitimate users, traditional perimeter-based defenses fall short. Graylog's solution offers a runtime approach that enhances the capabilities of Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and API gateways by providing an additional layer of security. This method involves capturing all API request and response details to immediately differentiate between legitimate and malicious activities, including detecting data exfiltration attempts disguised by valid response codes.

Andy Grolnick, Graylog's CEO, highlighted the importance of the solution in addressing the vulnerabilities in the API ecosystem: “The performance, availability, and security of business-critical applications are key to all enterprises. With cybercriminals increasingly leveraging the vulnerable API attack surface for nefarious activities, it is important to have the right capabilities for continuous detection and response around API-specific attacks. Graylog’s intelligent API Security solutions are designed to detect and respond to elusive threats not covered elsewhere. With enhanced continuous discovery capabilities and the new free edition, advanced API security capabilities are now accessible to a much broader audience, helping make our digital world safer.”

The free version of Graylog API Security empowers users with several critical features:

  • API Discovery: Automatically identifies and categorizes APIs for enhanced monitoring.

  • Risk Scoring: Helps prioritize alerts based on the potential risk they pose to the organization.

  • Full-fidelity Capture: Ensures the complete capture of API request and response data, facilitating both real-time attack detection and forensic analysis.

  • Real-Time Threat Intelligence: Enables continuous monitoring of APIs and includes out-of-the-box threat signatures to stay ahead of emerging threats.

  • Guided Remediation: Offers straightforward remediation advice immediately upon threat detection.

Designed with a cloud-native architecture, Graylog API Security can be implemented in a self-managed private cloud or on-premises, eliminating concerns about transmitting personally identifiable information (PII) to third-party vendors. The free edition offers all the functionalities of the paid version but is limited to 16GB of local rolling storage on a single node, with a one-year renewable license.

Graylog's introduction of a free API security tool marks a significant step towards democratizing advanced cybersecurity measures, enabling organizations of all sizes to bolster their defenses against the growing wave of API-related cyber attacks.


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