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Hacked Social Media Accounts Sell For Dirt Cheap On The Dark Web

Over the course of three years, WhizCase has been researching dark web prices. An investigation into social media accounts, entertainment service accounts and communication apps shines light on which accounts hackers value most.

These accounts are obtained from phishing or social engineering campaigns after hackers compromise users' email addresses provided during registration. Social media accounts such as TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter sell for $10 or less. Entertainment service accounts like Amazon Prime, Twitch, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix sell in the range of $10 to $15. LinkedIn and Gmail accounts top the list selling on the dark web at around $45 each.

Whizcase Research on Cost of Social Media Accounts on Dark Web

Hacked user accounts make it easy for cyber criminals to gain access to personal account data such as passwords and payment information. Entertainment software and social media cyber attacks can be creative and spread misinformation. Keeping accounts private and secure reduces outright theft and identity fraud.

Check out their full report here:


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