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Health & Safety Protection Solution Manufacturer Ansell Shares How Exabeam Protects Critical Data

Health and safety protection solution manufacturer Ansell has adopted Exabeam Fusion, the security firm’s New-Scale SIEM product, to establish a normal baseline of activity across its business, IT and security environments, including its Cisco product security stack. We sat down with George Michalitsianos, Vice President of Information Security and IT Infrastructure at Ansell, to learn more about the company and how it's using Exabeam as a SIEM provider to protect critical data.

George Michalitsianos, Ansell

What is Ansell's mission?

Our vision is to have a world where people enjoy optimal protection against the risks they are exposed to, which is why we provide our customers with superior health and safety protection solutions needed to enhance overall employee and customer well-being. We provide unrivaled personal protection, conduct industry leading safety assessments, and provide data driven expertise to improve safety on a global scale, marketed under well-known brands that customers trust.

Our two main business segments are industrial and healthcare. Ansell employs 14,000 people worldwide and has operations in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC and customers in over 55 countries.

What are some of the IT security challenges you were facing?

We needed the ability to quickly integrate, ingest, store, and search incoming data from disparate IT and security solutions across our network. One of the difficulties in finding a solution was that many products lacked the ability to augment existing IT technologies. As a result, to make these solutions usable, we would need to undertake the costly and time-consuming exercise of replacing some of our investments.

What were you looking for in a solution to these challenges?

Our primary focus was to identify a cloud-native solution that could easily integrate with our existing security products. In addition, we wanted to work with a vendor that provided an extensive portfolio of security capabilities to protect our business under one platform. The features we were looking for included cloud-scale security log management, powerful behavioral analytics, and automated threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR).

What made Exabeam stand out as a provider and help you overcome your challenges?

Exabeam is a true, cloud-native Security Investigation and Event Management (SIEM) provider. The company delivers a single solution our security team can count on to conduct accelerated and thorough TDIR with consistent and successful outcomes. Using Exabeam Fusion, we now have a holistic picture of our environment across our portfolio of IT and security products. Our security analysts can easily monitor data across all IT infrastructure in the cloud, business applications joined with critical user and device context, and timely threat intelligence data to detect what other products we evaluated simply couldn’t provide. In turn, the software equips our organization with the peace of mind and necessary tools to continue to protect millions of frontline workers around the world.

How do you see Ansell's IT strategy evolving in 2023?

As a forward-thinking organization, our IT team spends significant time and effort understanding market dynamics and the challenges facing industrial and healthcare facilities. Our IT strategy in 2023 is focused on finding viable solutions to address future needs for the safety of both internal and external stakeholders such as employees, customers, and supply partners which is why we partnered with Exabeam.

Throughout our interactions with the Exabeam team, we recognized just how committed the company is to innovation and excellence. We wanted to partner with an organization sharing these values as we move our IT strategy forward.



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