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iboss Extends Ability to Identify and Protect Against Data Loss with Cloud Feature Additions

iboss, the leading SASE cloud security provider, announced it added Cloud App Isolation and Exact Data Match (EDM) for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to the iboss Cloud Platform. These two new security features will help enterprises identify and protect against data loss. With Cloud App Isolation, enterprises can protect managed and unmanaged device access to any public cloud app, while ensuring data stays in the cloud service and is not downloaded directly to any device. EDM for DLP provides another technique to improve the effectiveness of DLP by looking for exact data matches of data, like patient records or credit card numbers, that are provided by the enterprise.

iboss Cloud App Isolation allows administrators to enforce the use of browser isolation for unmanaged device access to public cloud apps managed by the enterprise. This helps prevent data loss by controlling unmanaged user access to content or files stored within designated public cloud applications. Using the iboss Cloud App Isolation feature, administrators can define policies based on users, groups, and any cloud application. The user or contractor is provided access to the cloud app through the iboss platform in an isolated session. This allows the user or contractor to manipulate data in the public cloud service; however, any downloads to the local device are restricted based on policies configured for that application. These download restrictions safeguard sensitive data and ensure that data stays in the cloud service.

The iboss EDM for DLP capability allows administrators to set policies to identify content in the data being transferred that matches exact data records. Enterprises provide the sensitive PII information, like credit card numbers or patient records, which are then indexed and hashed offline. The hashes are then loaded into the iboss cloud service which identifies any content containing the exact information indexed in the database. This ensures the sensitive data remains within the control of enterprise. The iboss platform scans all traffic, looking for the specific PII data defined in the DLP policy, for all transactions going through the service. The use of EDM reduces false positives and increases detection accuracy for preventing data loss of sensitive content from the enterprise either accidentally or through misuse. Since all users of the enterprise are always connected through the iboss Cloud Platform regardless of location, any transfer from those devices can be inspected to ensure the sensitive records are not being misused or lost.

“As enterprises adapt to the new ‘work from anywhere’ model, balancing security and connectivity has never been more important. The workforce has extended to also include contractors and users working from unmanaged devices that need access to sensitive data hosted in cloud apps," said Paul Martini, CEO of iboss. “It’s crucial for organizations to have a plan in place that can help ensure data is protected. The new capabilities of the iboss Cloud Platform will help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity postures by offering better visibility and control of how data is accessed from their modern workforce.”

iboss secures network connectivity from any device to any application, while users work from anywhere, providing organizations and their employees fast and secure access to the internet. Built on a proprietary containerized architecture designed 100% for the cloud, the company provides powerful and fast cloud-based protection with an easy set-up, making iboss the ideal solution for enterprise organizations with a large remote or hybrid workforce.

To learn more about Cloud App Isolation and EDM for DLP please join us for a live webinar on November 17th at 12:00 PM PT | 3:00 PM ET. Register here.



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