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Identity Management Day: Blake Hall, CEO of US-Based Secure Digital Identity Network Unicorn ''

The National Cybersecurity Alliance and the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), present the first 'Identity Management Day,' an annual awareness event that will take place on the second Tuesday in April each year.

Blake Hall, CEO and Founder of, the Virginia-based unicorn that recently received over $100M in funding and a $1.5 billion valuation, weighed in on what makes digital identities so powerful for communities that lack presence in financial or public records and what the future of digital identities holds for the frictionless consumer experience. Hall knows a thing or two about digital identities, building to sustain over 39 million members, with 70,000 new users signing-up every day to its secure digital identity network. Major federal agencies, 22 states, and over 400 leading brands accept’s login to streamline customer authentication.

Blake Hall, CEO and Founder of

“As the digital economy explodes, the challenges of digital identity are also getting worse. The password problem is just the tip of the iceberg -- having to verify your identity at each site adds on to this high-friction process. On this inaugural Identity Management Day, we need to put consumers in control of their own data to strip out friction.

The password problem is every digital consumer’s biggest pain point when it comes to sharing their identity online. While many organizations require identity verification and two-factor authentication to deliver high-value services in an effort to combat fraud, these trusted logins do not belong to the consumer. The logins are not portable to other sites. Consumers are essentially divorced from their own data. As a result, consumers have to re-verify their identity and create a new login at every new site they visit.

This is not sustainable.

By empowering consumers to decide who and when their digital identities and data are shared with their very own trusted login,'s digital identity network reduces the amount of daily friction tied to password management and identity verification. The result is increased access for people and lower costs for both public and private sector organizations. We work every day to increase access and security for our partners so everyone is better off when people control their own login and information. has already significantly expanded access to online critical services with our trusted digital identity network and “No Identity Left Behind” initiative. For communities that lack presence in financial or public records, we provide a video chat capability so all consumers no matter their background can establish their digital identity. As we increase the number of places where's login is accepted, we are building the identity layer of the internet to make identity transactions as frictionless as paying with a Visa card."



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