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Identity Management Day: Dan DeMichele, VP of Product, LastPass by LogMeIn

The National Cybersecurity Alliance and the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), present the first 'Identity Management Day,' an annual awareness event that will take place on the second Tuesday in April each year.

We heard from Dan DeMichele, VP of Product, LastPass by LogMeIn, the #1 password manager & vault app and enterprise SSO provider. Dan shared his insights on Identity Management Day and why having a strong identity management program has never been more critical to IT security in today's remote working environment.

Dan DeMichele, VP of Product, LastPass by LogMeIn:

“Since remote and hybrid work has become the new norm, the threat surface has exponentially expanded, and organizations' IT departments are facing new security challenges. The biggest challenge our customers face is that regardless of their size, they’re increasingly targeted by hackers looking to get their hands-on personal data and intellectual property. While many small and medium-sized businesses may not have the resources to implement robust security programs, their IT teams are nonetheless tasked with securing all entry points, including cloud apps, unsecure Wi-Fi networks and unknown or personal devices. In addition to managing the expanding security landscape while dealing with limited time, staff and resources.

In order to maintain a high level of security, IT managers have to focus on securing the identity of the user, as it is the new security perimeter. To do this, IT managers should implement solutions like enterprise password management, single-sign-on, and multifactor authentication solutions that will provide visibility into user behaviors across apps and devices, keeping remote employees and company networks secure. Perimeter security is bolstered when these technologies work together under one umbrella. With these solutions in place, IT can quickly deploy tools, enable authentication methods, and set security policies while providing end users easy access to the tools they need to get work done. Both administrators and end users are enabled to seamlessly carry out their day-to-day work and responsibilities.”



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