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Identity Verification Company Caf Launches 'Know Your Everything' Platform

São Paulo based digital identity company Caf recently launched its global Know Your Everything platform, aimed at giving businesses the ability to protect users while enabling frictionless digital experiences. We spoke with Caf CTO & Co-Founder Rafael Viana to discuss the company's mission, the new platform, and plans for the organization in 2023.

Rafael Viana

What is the mission of Caf? What challenges are you aiming to solve? Caf's mission is to enable businesses in highly regulated industries to not only comply with strict onboarding regulations, but ensure that doing so will not negatively impact the customer experience. For all businesses in the digital landscape, balancing user experience against fighting fraud is a delicate line to toe. Businesses want a seamless, easy onboarding experience for new users, lest those users face too much friction and abandon the process. At the same time, fraud and security teams want proper controls in place to prevent fraud and compliance teams want to ensure that all relevant regulatory statutes around identity are met. For companies in more regulated industries, this is an even more delicate balancing act, since these industries require they gather more information about users who open new accounts.

What makes your solution differentiated in the market? Other vendors may offer aspects of what we offer, but none provide the end-to-end platform we have, that lets companies secure the customer journey from onboarding to sign up through continual monitoring of accounts.

Talk to us about your latest 'Know Your Everything' release. What makes this an important release? This is important because the digital identity landscape is rapidly changing. E-commerce is entering a transformative stage in its history. Consumers no longer simply log into a website - or even an app – and purchase something. Embedded finance has created a world where consumers can buy anything on any platform at any time. This means digital businesses must move beyond just looking at single transactions or payments, but must know everything about everyone interacting with them on any digital platform. This is why businesses must go beyond know your customer into “know your everything” and have a complete view of the entire customer relationship across all touchpoints and platforms.

How do you see the company evolving in 2023? How do you see the company evolving in 2023? In 2023 we are expanding globally, Caf now operates in more than 200 countries and we are adding more staff in different geographies around the world. We plan to continue our aggressive growth and obtain more global customers.



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