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Mosyle Launches Management Solution for Apple Devices Aimed at MSPs

Mosyle, recognized as the only Apple Unified Platform, today unveiled Mosyle Fuse MSP, a pioneering solution tailored for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that integrates five essential management and security applications into a single Apple-only product. This launch marks the first of its kind in the industry, specifically designed to streamline the deployment, management, and protection of Apple devices for MSP customers on a large scale.

David Collins, CEO of Aeras Technologies, praised the new solution, stating, “Mosyle’s new solution unlocks unlimited growth at Apple-first businesses. The five-in-one product, full commission, and easy, centralized management delivers more value to MSPs than any other vendor on the Apple market.” This integrated approach promises to transform how MSPs support Apple environments, providing a more efficient and comprehensive service model.

Building on the success of Mosyle Fuse, the company’s enterprise-grade product that has become its most adopted offering since its launch less than two years ago, Mosyle Fuse MSP includes advanced features for Apple device management and security. It offers MSP-Level Management for general profiles and policies, allowing MSPs to create and administer device management, endpoint security, online security and privacy, identity management, and application management with unprecedented ease. Policies can be automatically applied to all current and new customers, significantly reducing the onboarding time.

Additionally, Mosyle Fuse MSP facilitates Customer Level Management for critical policies and integrations, providing the necessary balance between optimization and flexibility. This feature enables MSPs to handle critical integrations and policies, like Apple Push Certificates and IdP integrations, on an individual customer basis. Moreover, the centralized billing and individualized reporting system simplifies the billing process, ensuring that MSPs only pay for the licenses their customers use while automatically generating detailed customer billing reports.

Alcyr Araujo, founder and CEO of Mosyle, commented on the strategic intent behind the new offering. “Mosyle is committed to growing the Apple ecosystem and helping MSPs scale,” Araujo said. “Mosyle Fuse MSP is designed to accomplish both — delivering an automated and scalable platform for MSPs that offers comprehensive security and management for Apple-focused customers across the globe, all while offering innovative commercial perks to help Apple MSPs grow their businesses.”

In a move to further support MSPs, Mosyle announced that it would refund the cost of the Apple Consultants Network annual fee in the form of a credit for future Mosyle Fuse MSP licenses, ensuring that MSPs can fully leverage the benefits of the Apple Consultants Network program. This initiative underscores Mosyle's commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem for Apple MSPs and their customers.


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