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Navigating the Evolution of Authentication: Insights from Onymos CEO Shiva Nathan on World Password Day

As the world observes World Password Day, the conversation around authentication methods gains new momentum, with insights from Shiva Nathan, Founder & CEO of Onymos, shedding light on the evolving landscape and the imperative for robust security measures.

Shiva Nathan, Founder & CEO, Onymos

As we observe World Password Day this year, it is important to recognize that traditional passwords are far from being obsolete. While passkeys from major players like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are gradually being integrated into various software, applications, and technologies, a complete transition to this authentication method will require significant time and effort – especially in terms of generating consumer buy-in and usage. The software, application, and technology providers that leverage various authentication methods will also have to ensure that they not only address the updates from these companies but also provide the authentication methods their users are still demanding. Additionally, we are also seeing new trends related to multifactor authentication. Software and technology products have already been leveraging this authentication method for years, but threat actors are becoming more advanced — and MFA is becoming more vulnerable. This underscores the need for additional security measures that will augment and fortify MFA, including biometrics and trusted authenticator applications.



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