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New AI-Powered Cybercrime Tools FraudGPT and DarkBERT Raise Security Concerns

SlashNext reported on the emergence of WormGPT on July 13th. Just under two weeks later, on July 25th, SlashNext discovered another AI-driven tool called FraudGPT. This noteworthy development was announced by Netenrich, and it appears that this tool has gained promotion from a person that goes by the name "CanadianKingpin12."

FraudGPT is being promoted as an "exclusive bot" designed for fraudsters, hackers, spammers, and like-minded individuals. It boasts an array of features that SlashNext has closely monitored.

Based on SlashNext's research, "CanadianKingpin12" initially tried to sell FraudGPT on lower-level cybercrime forums accessible on the clear-net. However, many of the threads created for this purpose were removed from these forums, leading to its promotion on Telegram to ensure decentralization and prevent further thread bans.

During its investigation, SlashNext took on the role of a potential buyer to dig deeper into "CanadianKingpin12" and their product, FraudGPT. SlashNext's main objective was to assess whether FraudGPT outperformed WormGPT in terms of technological capabilities and effectiveness. When SlashNext asked "CanadianKingpin12" about their perspective on WormGPT versus FraudGPT, they strongly emphasized the superiority of FraudGPT, which shares foundational similarities with WormGPT, they explained.

SlashNext also uncovered that "CanadianKingpin12" is currently developing two new bots named "DarkBART" and "DarkBERT," which will have internet access and can be seamlessly integrated with Google Lens, enabling the ability to send text accompanied by images.

Furthermore, during SlashNext's communication with "CanadianKingpin12," they encountered conflicting information. "CanadianKingpin12" mentioned their involvement in the development of a bot named "DarkBERT," but later claimed to simply have access to it. SlashNext's belief is that "CanadianKingpin12" has managed to leverage a language model called "DarkBERT" for malicious use, raising concerns about the use of this technology in this context.

The implications of WormGPT, FraudGPT, and DarkBERT are significant and troubling, as they lower the barriers for aspiring cybercriminals and underscore the significant influence of malicious AI on the cybersecurity and cybercrime landscape. Companies must take a proactive approach to protect themselves against AI-driven cybercrime, and SlashNext's solutions can effectively mitigate BEC threats using Generative AI. Staying vigilant and educated is crucial in the face of evolving cybercrime tools, and a proactive approach will be the most potent defense against AI-driven cybercrime. ###


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