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New Partnership Aims to Ensure Compliance for Voice and Text Messaging for Financial Services

Just this year, five of America’s biggest investment banks have been fined a combined $1 billion for letting employees use unauthorized messaging apps, such as WhatsApp.

While financial services – and even healthcare providers – are looking to enable mobile messaging and communication platforms to support business operations in hybrid work environments, they often struggle to ensure compliance in these highly regulated industries, and many are under intense scrutiny for violations.

To solve this problem, Movius, a leader in secure, mobile unified communication, is announcing a partnership with Theta Lake, the leader in modern collaboration security and compliance solutions. Together, Movius and Theta Lake will help organizations enable secure messaging for employees while capturing and tracking all content and context, making it easier for compliance personnel to have full visibility to review and assess cases, investigations, and policy violations as needed.

This joint solution will provide:

  • A single point of control for mobile messaging compliance

  • Enhanced compliance and business productivity

  • Reduced IT complexity and risk

“Our partnership with Movius demonstrates that better coverage through better, integrated communication and compliance solutions is the path forward,” said Devin Redmond, CEO and Co-founder at Theta Lake. “Letting end-users communicate with the right mobile messaging tools and apps that use text, voice, and rich media while having unified compliance capture, archiving, and supervision features allows regulated organizations to improve productivity, improve compliance coverage, and reduce compliance risk and complexity.”



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